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August 27, 2014                                          Acupuncture Post Miscarriage

I wish I could give more stars.  Faune is such an amazing person.  I had a miscarriage a few months ago and had extremely prolonged symptoms from it.  After suffering from these symptoms for weeks, she was able to rid me of all of them with one treatment.  They were literally all gone the next day!  She is so kind and good at what she does.  I highly recommend her!  I wasn't used to the community style at first, since I come from out of state and have never done it before, but Faune is very discrete if you don't want to talk in front of other people.


Mar 23, 2014                                               My first acupuncture experience.

It did work at a level and I was pleasantly surprised! Music was soothing, folks were nice and the process was carefully explained so I had little reservations or concerns. I will be returning!



Mar 9, 2014                                 Am glad to have found Napa Acu Practice on the web.

Am a believer of this traditional medicine and I have been into it for several years. Unfortunately, was cut off a year ago when I moved here from San Diego.  Immediately made appointment with Faune Towery on March 8, 2014 and I just felt the relief on my pains of the neck, shoulder, low back, sciatica, knees and feet. I will regularly go again. Go and try it. You won't regret it at all.      



Feb 9, 2014                                                                  ah glorious needles

If you haven't tried acupuncture, it is a Musty. Whether stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety or general need to feel better. Faune Towery is the person to see.



Feb 6, 2014                                                                    I will be back

This was my first experience with acupuncture and I was a bit nervous. Faune explained everything and made me feel at ease. The treatment was pretty much pain free. My shoulder feels so much better with only one appointment. I will be returning and recommending her business to others.     



Jan 24, 2014                                                                      Amazing

Its so refreshing to find a practice that understands tight budgets and will work with you on price. Faune is awesome one treatment and my fiancés bad feet already feel better. My shoulder feels better then it has in weeks after one time with faun. She rocks highly recommended.



Jan 24, 2014                                                                   My energy is back!

had my first experience yesterday and have more energy today. Faune was exceptional and explained each area and the benefits.



Jan 7, 2014                                                                     Healing Touch

Faune is an amazingly knowledgeable and good practitioner from a technical standpoint. She also brings a heartfelt caring and sensitivity to her practice. She definitely has a healing touch!



Jan 6, 2014                                                                      Napa Acupuncture Practiced

I had the best acupuncture for my sore right hip. The pain was gone within a day! I am very happy with this service.


Dec 11, 2013                                                                     Acupleasure!

My recent treatment with Faune was amazing! I was particularly stressed and her treatment put me into a deep state of relaxation. I slipped into a cozy sleep, and woke 45 minutes later feeling like I was completely caught up on sleep. Her needling technique is gentle but powerful. I've been to many different acupuncturists and Faune knows her stuff. Go see her!

Dec 5, 2013                                                                      Intuitive healer

I wasn't sure about the group treatment approach when I first went to Napa Acupuncture but it's worked out well. Faune is wonderful in her discretion and a skilled practitioner of acupuncture. This approach makes it more affordable to everyone.



Nov 27, 2013                                                                     Thankful I found Faune!

Faune is treating my leg pain & arm pain and anything else that may be going on! I highly recommend her as a Acupuncturist who is caring and a blessing to know! Acupuncture is an amazing experience every visit & relieves or eliminates pain!



 Nov 21, 2013                                                                    What a healing place

I am brand new to acupuncture, and felt warmly Welcomed by Faune. She loves what she does, and it shows. She also is so willing to work with you, being brand new and not fond of needles, I appreciated her patience. I came in with a couple concerns, and within the first week symptoms were being relieved. I would highly recommend her for both first timers, and those who benefit from regular acupuncture.



Nov 21, 2013                                                                    Love love love

Faune is so sweet. Always smiling. You know she loves her work and is so caring of her clients. I had back spasms and went to the doctor. He told me to take a leave and go home it would go away eventually. Well it didn't And I was in a lot of pain. One visit with Faune and she got rid of the spasms! Another time I took my granddaughter who had been suffering with a sore neck for over a week. Yep. Faune treated her and Jess couldn't believe it! No more neck pain!


Nov 8, 2013                                                                     Don't Hesitate

I've been using acupuncture exclusively for more than a dozen years, mostly from practitioners schooled in China. Faune's technique and understanding is on a par with the most highly trained and effective acupuncturists. Overall, a great experience.



Oct 31, 2013                                                                      Back Pain is Gone

Faune was great, she diagnosed and took care of my back pain in 1 hour. Very nice place courteous people, and the most important I can walk again. Thanks and keep up the good work.



Oct 18, 2013                                                                        In Great Hands

This was my our visit with Faune and we couldn't be more pleased with her gentle manor and immediate results after our first treatment. We look forward to our next visit soon.



Oct 14, 2013                                                                       Worth every penny!

Acupuncture with Faune was wonderful - she was able to address all of my acute needs (neck pain and sinuses) as well as my overall balance and wellness. Her approach was thoughtful and thorough. And I greatly admire and support her mission/vision to make acupuncture accessible to everyone. Regardless of where on the sliding scale you can afford, the experience and care is worth every cent! Looking forward to going back.


Sep 22, 2013                                                                      Excellent care

I always feel well cared for when I get acupuncture from Faune. I see her when I'm feeling stressed out, and after a treatment I feel more grounded and energized.


Sep 10, 2013                                                                        My First Acupuncture Session

i was a bit apprehensive, but you absolutely made me feel very comfortable. i never thought the session would be so easy and relaxing. can 't wait for the next one. will call you for next appointment. Faune Towery was GREAT, very welcoming with a warm personality. THANK YOU SO MUCH. LOOKING FORWARD TO OUR NEXT SESSION!!     



Aug 29, 2013                                                                        Instant Relief!!!

My son suffered from headaches for 37 days straight and tried many different medications and tests. We finally took him for acupuncture to Faune and instantly his headache was gone!!! Thank God for her wisdom ;) We are telling EVERYONE about her!



Aug 22, 2013                                                                Relaxing! I had an excellent experience.

She was educated, professional and made the experience comfortable. I look forward to my next visit.



Aug 18, 2013                                                                   Don't hesitate! You can feel better!

Faune is a very knowledgeable, very helpful professional. If you are suffering don't put off making an appointment! You are only hurting yourself. My shoulder and neck pain was affecting my ability to swallow, talk and even breathe. Faune treated me once, explaining what and why she was doing. The relief was amazing, miraculous. Don't miss out on knowing a very skillful and special practitioner! I know my future visits will be very valuable to my total health and well being. Much thanks.


Aug 11, 2013                                                                             Relaxing experience

I had always wanted to try acupuncture however never did. Had a really good experience here and was not nervous about the needles. My neck pain has subsided a bit and I have full range of motion. Thank you, it was a very personal experience.


Jun 16, 2013                                                                             Relief for ringing ears

I have suffered from ringing in my ears for close to 40 years. Traditional medicine never solved the problem so I decided to give accupuncture a try. Within minutes during my first treatment, the noise went from a "10" down to a "2". What relief! Faune is thoughtful, intuitive and I look forward to coming back more additional treatments to get that number down to "0".


Jun 1, 2013                                                                              Nervous? I was too!

First timer to acupuncture for severe neck strain and contusion. Faune is personable and was able to take any apprehension I had towards the process with compassion. Her knowledge and skill put me at ease and so did the treatment. Significant pain relief the day after my visit. Will return for further excellent care.



May 26, 2013                                                                         No more pain!

I came to get acupuncture for my back pain and since then I have felt no pain! I was surprised that it did not hurt and that it was so effective. For $30 it was a great deal compared to my insurance copay that only provided pain meds.



May 5, 2013                                                            Faune is friendly, thorough, and gentle.

She seemed to have a good sense of what my issues were for a complicated disease that has not yet been fully diagnosed. I felt better for the rest of the day, and look forward to further treatments.



Apr 29, 2013                                                                            Excellent Service

I came to Faune due to insomnia. After 1 session, my sleep is already getting better. She’s brilliant!


Apr 28, 2013                                                                            Amazing

Before i went to the treatment i had a lot of pain and discomfort in my knees and now after the treatment i feel great like never before. i loved it!!!!